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Keynote Speakers

Introducing Conference

The 9th Conference on eLearning will be held at Kharazmi University in partnership with the Iranian Association of e-Learning (YADA). This conference aims to provide a forum for presenting the latest research and technological advances in the field of e-Learning with the cooperation of universities, research centres, scholars and engineers. The conference includes all relevant aspects of “e-Learning” in different areas of “Engineering and Technology” and “Pedagogy and Education”. We welcome your recent or on-going research on e-learning which comprises up-to-date findings in a range of dimensions.

The main aims of the conference are as follows:

• To create a scope for presenting the research findings of experts in the field of e-Learning,
• To provide an environment for better interaction among experts and for the exchange of ideas among researchers,
• To promote knowledge, insight, and scientific culture in the field of e-Learning,
• To identify research problems and create a synergetic environment for solving them, and
• To access the policies and administrative programmes of e-learning systems at a national and international level.

The accepting and presenting of papers, workshops, specialized exhibitions, keynote speeches and specialized roundtables have been put on the conference agenda so as to achieve the afore-mentioned objectives. Therefore, all researchers and professionals are invited to send their latest research findings so that all interested parties can benefit from the research results.

by Dr. Radut.